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There really is a difference between title companies in areas beyond price and fees...especially for successful Sellers and Buyers. See the difference at Settlements on Site, LLC. Call 703/740-7654 to receive the service you deserve.Settlements On Site RV

Whether you are buying a property with or without an agent, request Northern Virginia’s Premier Mobile Settlement Services to receive the Service You Deserve and Save Money – Other companies charge more for you to sit in traffic and drive to them.  Call Settlements On Site and Close where you want – at your place or one of our various locations throughout Northern Virginia.

Buyers and Sellers, with or without agents, can save money and time with our mobile settlement services. You benefit from a low-stress, hassle-free closing process, knowing the legal details have been handled properly. We keep the process simple and clear. Now even couples with the most hectic schedules can avoid traffic congestion, outrageous day-care fees, bored and cranky children and the logistics problems common in typical home closings. Let us make the closing process convenient for ALL rather than adding more stress on closing day by having to sit in traffic trying to get to closing when you are already trying to pack, clean the house, load the moving truck; in addition to taking care of the kids. Most of the time, sellers and buyers are already at the home right before closing for the walk-through. Don't add more stress driving to a closing location. We can close in our comfortable and fully equipped RV office at the property for only $200 (usually split between seller and buyer), or if you prefer, at another location convenient to both parties. (Of course our offices are always available as well). Don't let your Closing Day be hectic. Try Settlements On Site and give yourself the service you deserve; We'll get you closed fast and efficiently.

The buyer and seller can close anywhere they want to close - you do not need to close somewhere - just because it is suggested. Stay in control of your closing by closing with Settlements On Site, LLC. You can trust our professional staff to make it a smooth transaction.

Call Settlements On Site today at 703-740-7654 to get started and receive a
FREE Buyer’s Closing Kit – only available at Settlements On Site.

Whether you are with an agent or by yourself, it is up to the seller and buyer to select a title company to handle your closing. Select Settlements on Site, Inc.  We can save you time and money.  You close in complete confidence and safety.

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